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CCTV Drain Surveys

CCTV Drain Surveys in Surrey

Drains are powerful underground structures that bear the brunt of ground damage, water pressure, and tree roots growing into the structure. These problems lead to much speculation as to what lies underneath the ground. Fortunately, we offer a sure-fire solution. CCTV drain surveys in Surrey.

CCTV surveys are the latest development in plumbing technology and have changed how a repair person completes their job. Where determining why the water won't pass through the drain once required extensive digging and high-powered equipment, it is now as easy as watching a video.

Our experts who complete drain surveys in Surrey use a digital monitor connected to a drainpipe/ snake which directs the camera into the drain through the curvatures and narrower paths which would otherwise be difficult to examine.

With the latest equipment at our disposal, inspecting drains and curating reports based on the information and visual scans allows for targeted repairs and reduces the need for expanding the “repair-zone: where it isn’t needed.

You can book pre-purchase drain surveys in Surrey with us if that what you need. Reports generated after a CCTV survey are valid documents that hold up during property purchases. If you are planning to buy in surrey getting a drain survey can help reduce the price point significantly. A damaged drain needs repairs and if you will be handling those after purchase you don’t have to pay a high price.